Hair Styling

  • professional dying
  • styling PRECEDING the newest trends
  • hairstyle consultation
  • treatment for scalp problems (oily or irritated scalp, dandruff, hair loss) also for gentlemen!
  • professional correction of dye jobs gone wrong


  •   world premier! Permanent eyelash extension (lasts for 1-3 months)
  • face and body treatment
  • cold laser treatment and mesolifting
  • wrinkle filling
  • professional cosmetic tattoos

Manicure, fashion nails


  • medical pedicure

Medical massage

Hair extension

Exclusive care is one of the most gentle hair extension methods. Zsidró Szalon is one of the pioneers in Hungary applying this method. Exclusive Care is a revolutionary new method of hair extension, using weaves but without glue or solvent, thus protecting natural hair from any damage. Following personal consultation, hair is sent abroad where it is treated with a “hereditary material” instead of glue. This is a novel, revolutionary method as hair will maintain its length and not even a blade is lost during removing and putting back the extension. The longevity of the solution is the same as that of sewn extensions. The extension is fixed by means of a “tube”. Its colour is perfectly identical to that of the hair and cannot be distinguished at all. During removing or putting back, only this tube should be replaced. The extension should be removed and put back in every 8-10 weeks. EC is exclusively made from premium quality European hair checked by wig experts. The success of the extension largely depends on the technique. However, the extension to be used should also be selected with care. During personal consultations, we select an extension with a thickness and texture almost identical to the client’s hair. This way, the fixed extension cannot be distinguished from the natural hair.


  • Gentle, hair friendly solution without applying any kind of fixing substance
  • No solvents needed for removing the extension. Removal takes only 45 minutes and does not hurt at all.
  • No matting, hence no damage to hair structure during removal
  • The extension keeps its volume when removed.
  • Fusion is made at only 140 ͦC, hardly reaching the temperature of gentle hair ironing.
  • Hair is not shortened by the “hereditary material”
  • Cultivated and smart looks and impression even after 2 months

Eyelash extension

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